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song therapy with jamie floyd - coaching for songwriters

Coaching for Songwriters


Are your music and lyrics fighting with each other?
Have your verses been feeling out of touch with your chorus?
Does your hook need help expressing itself?

Learn how to become a better songwriter by exploring your own songs while discovering different perspectives that can improve your process.



Hi there! My name is Jamie. I’m a Grammy-nominated songwriter and independent recording artist/publisher who also loves to coach and mentor songwriters and artists.

Most recently, I co-wrote Jake Hoot & Kelly Clarkson’s song “I Would’ve Loved You. I also co-wrote Kesha’s single “Resentment”off of her album Highroad which features Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, Sturgill Simpson and Wrabel. I’ve been fortunate to have songs recorded by Miranda Lambert, Brian McKnight, Ronnie Dunn, Ashley Monroe, Ingrid Andress, Madi Diaz, Hayden Panettiere, Kellie Picker and Lucie Silvas among others. 

I’ve also written music for film & TV and I’m currently working on a musical intended for Broadway called “The King’s Wife”.

Through my 24-year journey in the music industry I have discovered a love for coaching and mentoring, I feel very strongly about empowering others by sharing my magical moments and mistakes.

Whether you’re looking for perspective from a professional songwriter, or some street-smart advice about the music biz – I am here to help.


Learn how to writeSONGS THAT DEFY THE ODDS.

The music industry tells you there’s a certain way to do things – and that can absolutely be true. That doesn’t mean you can’t color outside the lines and get creative. I’ve achieved recognition & success, booked co-writes, discovered opportunities and gotten the elusive  ‘outside cut’ as an independent without a deal or the funding. 


‘THE BLADE’, performed by Ashley Monroe 

“You have to write with the artist to get the cut.”
I’d never met the artist and my song was the only track on the album she didn’t write.

You won’t land a cut with a sad, slow song.”

This sad, slow song was the title track.

You have to have a publishing deal to make it big.”

In 2016, I was waiting tables to pay myself to write songs full time when The Blade was nominated for a Grammy.






Let’s talk goals and then dive right in.

I listen to your songs for the first time during the session: first impressions are extremely valuable in helping me formulate my recommendations. I also find it is helpful to ask questions concerning your goals with your song before we dive in. You’ll get No BS insight, honest opinions, thoughtful encouragement and reality checks from me based off 24 years of experience in a wide variety of music biz situations.

Work on your song’s issues.

Can’t seem to nail a 2nd verse even after a bunch of re-writes?
Not sure why your chorus doesn’t connect to the rest of the song?

Bring as many questions as you like into the session and we’ll get through as many as we can. 3-5 songs is usually the sweet spot for a 90min session, depending how many questions you have and what introspective ‘a-ha’ moments occur. Your songs will be assessed and I’ll advise on exactly how to go about solving your problem based on the specific issue your having.

The session can also act as a review to pinpoint opportunities for growth and strengthen your melody and lyrics. I don’t give blanket advice—it will (and should) change based on what your ultimate goals and dreams are for your music.

Support from someone who's been there.

When you’re working on your songs, you’re working on yourself.

It’s not always fun or easy being a songwriter. It’s a tricky business and writing great songs can take a toll on your self-esteem. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to about your musical frustrations. I’ve got your back.

All Song Therapy sessions will take place over Zoom video chat.

If you’re doing an intensive or a deep-dive, this is how we’ll communicate between sessions. You’ll be able to send text, video and audio messages to me directly and get daily feedback.


Whether you need the perspective of a pro for a few songs, or you want to challenge yourself to an immersive songwriting experience, I offer variety of Song Therapy options.

the active listening sessionWHEN YOU NEED AN EXTRA PAIR OF EYES AND EARS

Let’s dive in! Sessions are uniquely personalized to discuss your songs and tackle any issues you’re up against.

I’ll ask you questions, you’ll ask me questions, and we’ll address what comes up.

I’ll give you insight to help make your song stronger and take your songwriting to the next level.



Therapy never felt so good! We’ll begin and end the week with a live session, going over your songs and deciding your goals to focus on for the week.

New hook idea? Sing it into your phone and send it to me. Not sure about that second verse? Shoot me the lyrics and I’ll have a look.

Through our daily communication I’ll keep you accountable so you can maximize your time and increase your song’s potential.


Due to Jamie’s busy schedule, intensives are currently unavailable. Please contact to be placed on the waitlist.


Uncover the best in your songwriting – spend a month with me going deep into your process.

Getting ready to record an EP?
Let’s take the time to dial every song in and make sure it lives up to its full potential.

Trying to decide which songs to demo & pitch?
We’ll go through & fine tune them all, brainstorm production ideas, strategize—we have a month to get you ready!

You’ll have daily access to me as we work to examine your songs and make them shine. I’ll check in with you regularly and if anything comes up, feel free to send it my way so we can keep your writing momentum going.


Due to Jamie’s busy schedule, intensives are currently unavailable.
Please contact to be placed on the waitlist.



I’ve seen many doors close and many windows open.
I’ve sang in empty bars and I’ve had a standing ovation from Shania.
I’ve received a Grammy nomination while I was counting tips at a restaurant.

I love coaching and mentoring songwriters and artists
because I’ve been there – I’m still there – and I want to give you my insights and experiences so you can know what’s possible when you put the time into your craft.
When you work on your songs, your songs will work for you.

I look forward to helping  you dive deep and
bring out the best in your songwriting.


24 hours prior to your Song Therapy Session,
please make sure to do the following.:

I’ll make sure everything is playable and ready to go.

*Include which package you are purchasing in the transaction details. I will send you a confirmation of receipt which will also serve as your appointment confirmation. If your payment is not received 24hrs before your appointment, I will consider that your cancellation.

24 hours notice is required for cancellation. Conflicts and emergencies come up – I am happy to work with you on a reschedule!


Thank you for your interest in a Song Therapy Active Listening Session! These sessions are for everyone, regardless of experience.

Due to my healthy but hectic schedule, at this time I am unable to offer online booking. Please reach out we’ll set up a time for an  that works for both of us.

Please select the days that work best for you.


Have a question about Song Therapy? Use the form below to contact me, or email info@songtherapyonline.com.